What is PIALE?

PIALE (in its acronym in Galician – Programa Integral de Aprendizaxe de Linguas) is a comprehensive programme for foreign language learning which has been implemented in Galicia for some years now. Thanks to it, teachers of different levels have access to training periods aimed at improving language competence.

This year, many teachers enjoyed this training period in countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, the United Kingdom or Canada, in different modalities of the programme. If you want to know more about how to apply or its characteristics, click here.

I participated in modality 1, integration in Canada. From the 6th of November to the 5th of December 2018 I was in Ottawa with a group of 40 teachers in total from different educational stages and who teach a wide range of subjects. When we arrived, we attended some orientation sessions in which we were given useful details about Ottawa and Canada, basic information to travel around the city and a detailed explanation of what we were expected to do during our stay. In the following three weeks, we attended a school (each teacher was assigned a different one), there we learned about how the school works, how the teachers give their lessons, the kinds of students they have, etc. During this time, we had to write two reports reflecting on our experience and what we learned, this was for the organisers of the programme there. Also, we had different cultural activities with which we immersed in Canadian culture and were able to discover the country a little bit more.

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