Ottawa is in the province of Ontario, English-speaking, but because it is the capital of the country, it has a great number of French speakers; both languages are present in all areas (you can be addressed either in English or French at hospitals, signs are in both English and French, etc.). Ottawa has a million inhabitants and it is a beautiful place in Canada where you can appreciate heritage sites and famous landmarks, for example Parliament Hill or Rideau Hall. In winter, Rideau canal (UNESCO World Heritage Site) gains particular importance, for some months (usually January-February) the canal freezes and becomes the longest skating rink in the world.

This city is full of culture, with impressive museums and galleries which often hold exhibitions of artists from all over  the world. Multiculturalism, a characteristic of the country, is present anywhere you see, from streets to more formal settings.

Ottawa is the fourth biggest city in the country, it is easily accessible either on foor (the centre) or by public transport. It has a very cosmopolitan and welcoming city centre, the historical ByWard Market is a must visit place for leisure and shopping. There are other interesting neighbourhoods, such as the area of Bank Street, with its many shops and murals decorating walls and façades.

Very near Ottawa, we can find Gatineau Park, trekking lovers will enjoy nature in every season here, just a few kilometres away. There are many people who enjoy sports in this city, even in the coldest months, ice skating, hockey, running or riding a bike, the snow doesn’t prevent anyone from getting some exercise!

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